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Extend your electrical plug points with custom length extension boards

Often times we might need to extend our electrical output sockets to connect our various equipments like blowers, vaccum cleaners, pressure washers etc. The normal ready to use extension chords that you usually get to buy from shops would not be able to meet the electrical current and voltage specifications of these specific equipments. Using the inappropriately rated extension may lead to damage of equipments or short circuit which may lead to fire or even death. Premier electricals has identified these issues and have now employed local certified electricians to make these extension boards according to your needs. We make sure that these products meet all electrical safety criteria and are quality checked by certified electricians for your safety. You can now order online these rugged custom made electrical extensions which are quality checked and meets all electrical safety standards. Order online and get it delivered to your home. You can also customise the length and socket type by sending us a request or call 9995065751



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